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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to contracts concluded through the online store and regulate the rights and obligations of the contracting parties in the purchase of goods offered by the seller through the said online store.

The seller is the company Grebnesor, spol. s r.o., with its registered office at Bratislavská 31, 010 01 Žilina, IČO: 48 193 151, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Žilina, Section: Sro, Insert No. 64153/L (hereinafter referred to as the “seller”).

The buyer is a natural person – consumer who, when purchasing goods, does not act within the scope of their business activity, employment, or profession.

The buyer is also a natural person – entrepreneur or legal entity who, when purchasing goods, acts within the scope of their business activity or profession, or a person acting on their behalf or on their account.

These terms and conditions apply to every contract concluded through the online store, regardless of whether the buyer is a natural person – consumer, a natural person – entrepreneur, or a legal entity, unless otherwise stated.

Goods sold through the online store refer to all products published at the specified internet address.

1. Order

All orders placed through the online store, operated by the seller, are binding for both contractual parties unless otherwise stated.

The buyer may order and purchase goods based on registration and completion of an electronic order. The buyer may also order and purchase goods without registration, solely based on a completed electronic order.

By submitting the order, the buyer confirms familiarity with both the commercial and complaint terms.

The validity of the electronic order is conditional upon the truthful and complete completion of all data and requirements requested by the system during registration or when completing the electronic order.

The buyer’s order becomes binding upon its acceptance and email confirmation from the seller. By submitting the order, the buyer agrees to the terms and conditions and understands them. The buyer may place an order for goods with the seller only through the online store

2. Delivery Terms

The goods are delivered to the buyer by the respective shipping company.

The seller undertakes to:

  • deliver to the buyer the type and quantity of ordered goods at the purchase price and under the payment conditions applicable on the day the order is dispatched to the buyer.
  • deliver to the buyer the goods adequately packaged to prevent damage during handling by the shipping company.
  • deliver the ordered goods to the address specified by the buyer in the order. Delivery is considered fulfilled when the goods are delivered to the delivery location specified by the buyer. The goods are delivered with a tax invoice.
  • send the buyer a confirming email that the goods have been dispatched from the seller’s warehouse.

The seller is not responsible for:

  • delayed delivery or non-delivery of ordered goods to the address specified by the buyer in the order caused by the shipping company.
  • delayed delivery or non-delivery of ordered goods due to incorrectly provided address by the buyer in the order.
  • damage to the ordered goods caused by the shipping company.
  • delayed delivery or non-delivery of ordered goods due to events that could not have been foreseen and occurred independently of the seller’s will.

The buyer undertakes to:

  • Confirm that they have selected the goods in accordance with the seller’s offer on the website The buyer declares that they are familiar with the terms and conditions, find them understandable, and commit to abide by these conditions.
  • Collect the ordered goods at the location specified in the order, check the integrity of the packaging.
  • Pay the full price for the goods according to the payment conditions valid on the day the order is dispatched.

Failure to comply with these conditions and principles of fair conduct reserves the right for us to no longer proceed with the contractual relationship.

3. Delivery Deadlines

The delivery of ordered goods is carried out by the seller’s operational capabilities in the shortest possible timeframe. The seller typically processes orders within 4 business days from the receipt of payment for the goods from the buyer to the seller’s bank account or from the date of the order’s commitment, depending on the method of payment chosen by the buyer. The goods are usually dispatched to the buyer within 7 business days from the processing of the order.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances not arising from the seller’s side, the delivery time may be extended. In such cases, the seller will notify the buyer via email, telephone, or other appropriate means of any changes to the delivery deadline of the ordered goods.

4. Product Prices

The prices listed on the website are valid at the time of ordering the goods. The seller reserves the right to typographical errors and changes in the prices of goods. If the price of a product is listed as €0, it is an erroneous price, and such goods are not for sale. Discounts and promotions are valid until stocks are depleted unless otherwise specified in a specific timeframe or amount.

The price of clothing items is final and includes VAT. All prices are understood in euros (EUR). The price of footwear items is final and includes VAT. All prices are understood in euros (EUR). The seller is the payer of VAT. The price of goods does not include postage and packaging. The sales receipt for the goods is an invoice, which is attached to each shipment and serves as both a delivery and warranty certificate.

5. Payments for Goods and Shipping

The shipping cost (including handling) for each separate order within the Slovak Republic is: SR – 4 EUR.

In the case of purchasing goods delivered within the Slovak Republic with a value exceeding 99 EUR, the shipping cost (including handling) is 0 EUR.

The shipping cost (including handling) for each separate order within the Czech Republic is: ČR – 7 EUR.

In the case of purchasing goods delivered within the Czech Republic with a value exceeding 199 EUR, the shipping cost (including handling) is 0 EUR.

The shipping cost (including handling) for each separate order to other countries depends on the specific country to which the seller sends the goods, and this cost will be added to the total price of the goods.

The shipping and handling cost may change depending on the price set by the relevant shipping company.

Payment Methods for the Purchase Price of Goods

The buyer, in the electronic order, may choose whether to pay for the goods in advance or settle the price upon the receipt of the goods.

ADVANCE PAYMENT TO ACCOUNT: The buyer is obliged to pay the price for the ordered goods in advance, no later than within 1 working day from the moment of the commitment of the order (i.e., from the moment of electronic confirmation of the order by the seller), by bank transfer, or directly depositing into the seller’s account. The seller promptly notifies the buyer of the receipt of payment. If the buyer fails to pay the price for the goods within the specified period according to the first sentence, the buyer’s order will be canceled, and the seller will not be obligated to deliver the respective goods.

Account number for payment (IBAN) – SK11 1100 0000 0029 4100 7617 The account is held at Tatra banka. The ordering system automatically includes the shipping cost in the price of the goods.

CASH ON DELIVERY: In the event that the buyer chooses to pay for the goods upon their delivery to the address provided in the order, they are obliged to settle the price of the goods upon receipt, along with the shipping cost (including handling), to the respective shipping company.

6. Cancellation of Contract – This section regarding contract cancellation applies only to the buyer, who is a natural person – consumer.

According to § 7 of Act No. 102/2014 Coll., the buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract with the seller within 14 days of receiving the goods, without specifying any reason, either in writing or in the form of a record on another durable medium (e.g., by email). The withdrawal period is considered preserved if the notice of withdrawal from the contract is sent no later than on the last day of the period according to the preceding sentence. In such a case, the seller is obliged to refund the buyer the price paid for the goods, including the postage, within 14 days from the receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract. However, the seller is not obliged to refund the price paid by the buyer and the postage until the goods are returned to the seller or until the buyer proves the return of the goods to the seller.

The buyer is obliged to return the goods to the seller no later than 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the contract or hand them over to the seller. The deadline according to the first sentence is considered preserved if the goods are handed over by the buyer for transportation no later than on the last day of the period.

The withdrawal can be made either via the email address or to the address provided below or by phone number provided below. Withdrawal can also be made based on the form published on the website

The goods must be returned to the correspondence address of the seller:
Grebnesor Store
Address: J.Vuruma 144, Žilina ,01001
Phone number: 0903622752

When withdrawing from the contract, the buyer bears the costs of returning the goods to the seller.

The goods are to be returned in standard packaging (courier envelope), complete and undamaged. The buyer is responsible for any decrease in the value of the goods resulting from handling beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the goods (e.g., inappropriate or unsuitable use of the goods). The customer bears the shipping costs for returning the goods. The seller is not responsible for any loss of the goods before they are delivered to the seller, so it is recommended that the buyer returns the goods via registered mail.

The seller will not refund the payment for shipping and handling to the buyer if the buyer orders multiple units of goods or multiple types of goods and subsequently returns only a portion of the purchased goods.

Procedure for returning goods ‘Withdrawal from the contract’:

The buyer shall submit to the seller, along with the withdrawal from the contract, the relevant invoice for the goods, or its copy, and the account number in IBAN format (in the case of the Czech Republic, send the account number in the standard format: bank code/account number), to which the seller will transfer the financial funds to the buyer.

The procedure for returning goods ‘Exchange of goods’:

“The exchange of goods is only possible if it concerns the same type of goods in a different color, size, or a different type of goods at the same price. The buyer needs to check the availability of the goods directly on our website, and if the desired type of goods is available, the buyer can create an order, where it is necessary to write ‘exchange of goods – e.g., color’ in the notes. The original goods need to be returned to the seller’s correspondence address, and the invoice must indicate ‘exchange of goods’ and the new order number created by the customer. After the original goods are delivered to the seller’s address, the new goods will be sent to the buyer. The cost of exchanging goods is charged at a rate of 5 EUR within Slovakia, 8 EUR within the Czech Republic, and 15 EUR within other countries, with these costs not including the postage and packaging of the exchanged goods.

Exchange of goods is not possible if it concerns a different type of goods that is priced differently than what the buyer originally ordered. In this case, the buyer can create a new order, and subsequently, the goods will be sent to the customer as a new order.”

7. Complaints Procedure – This part applies only to the buyer who is a natural person – consumer.

The buyer is obliged to check whether the package is not damaged before taking over and possibly paying for the shipment. In case of damage (torn packaging, deformations, and other damage), the buyer is not obliged to accept the shipment, and in such a case, the buyer is obliged to draw up a record – protocol with the carrier about the discovered defects caused during transport. If the buyer accepts the shipment despite visible damage, the seller will not recognize any complaints about such shipment. The carrier is responsible for the damage during transport. Based on the drawn record, the buyer will be provided with a reasonable discount or new goods after investigation and settlement of the damage event with the carrier.

Complaint handling is governed by the warranty conditions of the specific goods and the Civil Code, with a warranty of 2 years provided for each item, starting from the buyer’s receipt of the goods.

In case of a complaint, the buyer will send or bring the complained goods personally to the seller’s address at: Grebnesor Store, J.Vuruma 144, Žilina, 01001. The package must be properly packed and must contain: the complained goods including accessories, a copy of the invoice, a description of the defect, and the buyer’s contact information – return address, phone number, email.

The costs of transporting the complained goods from the buyer to the seller are borne by the buyer. The return transport after handling a justified complaint is covered by the seller. If the defect of the goods can be eliminated, the buyer has the right to have it removed free of charge, in a timely and proper manner. The seller is obliged to remove the defect of the goods without undue delay. Instead of defect removal, the buyer may request an exchange of the item if this does not cause the seller disproportionate costs in relation to the price of the goods or the seriousness of the defect. The seller may always replace the defective item with a faultless one instead of removing the defect if it does not cause the buyer significant difficulties. If the defect of the goods is irreparable, depending on the buyer’s decision, either the seller will replace the defective goods with new ones, and if the buyer agrees, the new goods may be of a different type for the same price, or the buyer will exercise the right to withdraw from the contract.

The warranty does not apply to damage to the goods caused by:

  • natural or excessive mechanical wear and tear;
  • contamination of the goods or its parts due to neglect of maintenance;
  • use of the goods in conditions that do not correspond with their temperature, dustiness, humidity, chemical, and mechanical influences of the environment in which the goods are commonly used;
  • interference with the goods by an unauthorized person (unprofessional repairs or modifications);
  • use of the goods contrary to the operating instructions;
  • mechanical damage – torn, cut, heat-damaged goods, goods damaged by careless and disproportionate physical handling, intentional scratching of layers of goods, etc.

Guidelines for the Complaints Procedure:

1. Caring for and maintaining textiles

When purchasing textile goods, it is necessary to take into account the material composition, which provides information on the natural behavior of fabrics and therefore is not subject to complaint. For example:

  • Products made of natural fibers (cotton, wool, linen, silk) and chemical fibers (viscose) are more prone to wrinkling than products made of synthetic fibers (polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, acrylic).
  • Viscose has higher shrinkability and absorbency than other fibers. Polyester has higher strength and less shrinkage.
  • Textile products with a high proportion of polyacrylic are prone to pilling, so we recommend treating them with detergents intended for delicate and woolen textiles and using a fabric shaver.
  • Damage to textiles can also occur by pouring detergents directly onto clothing (resulting in white spots).
  • Follow the warnings about the specific characteristics of some textiles (usually indicated on leaflets or packaging of goods) – for example, textiles with lower colorfastness should be washed separately, from the reverse side, the product has reduced mechanical resistance (in the case of intentionally modified denim products), etc.

Choose laundry detergents according to the types of textile products:

  • For white and colorfast items, usually light shades, colors, and patterns washed at temperatures of 60 and 95 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to use universal laundry detergents.
  • For colored products of all types with darker shades and patterns, washed at temperatures of 30, 40, 50, and 60 degrees Celsius, color laundry detergents are suitable.
  • For knitted outerwear, swimwear, delicate women’s underwear, fine hosiery, hats, scarves, etc., liquid laundry detergents, powder laundry detergents (color type), and laundry detergents exclusively for washing delicate underwear (indicated by a ball of wool, sweater illustration, or delicate underwear, etc.) are suitable.
  • Wool, silk, and animal hair products should be washed exclusively with detergents labeled as suitable for washing these types of products. Suitable washing procedures include washing at 30 degrees Celsius with a limited number of drum rotations, without spinning. Wet items should be gently pressed by hand, without wringing, and left to dry at room temperature in a horizontal position on a layer of towels, which should be replaced.

We recommend following the care symbols for textile and clothing products.

2. Caring for and maintaining footwear

  • When choosing footwear, differentiate it according to the purpose for which it is intended. If footwear is used for a purpose other than its intended one, damage may occur that cannot be qualified as a legitimate complaint.
  • Before purchasing footwear, thoroughly try it on in a home environment and check its quality. If you choose the type, shape, size, or width of the footwear inappropriately, the warranty does not cover any defects resulting from this and the “comfort” of the footwear.
  • When putting on closed-cut footwear, use a shoe horn to avoid deforming the heel part of the footwear. When putting on lace-up footwear, it must be laced up to the last hole to prevent the foot from slipping on the insole of the footwear and subsequent wearing out in the front part and heel area. Never remove footwear by stepping on the heel, as this puts excessive strain on the material and often leads to the sole tearing off.
  • Regularly care for and alternate your footwear. Try to avoid completely soaking your footwear. Never dry wet footwear near heat sources. After drying, treat it according to the instructions for the materials used in the uppers. The warranty does not cover the coloring inside the footwear due to sweat or heavy soaking, nor does it cover mechanical damage to the footwear.
  • Regularly inspect and promptly repair worn heels and heel counters, worn-out soles, insertable or glued insoles, damaged sewn and glued joints, and other defects caused by normal wear and tear. This is basic maintenance that the customer is responsible for.

The lifespan of footwear is also influenced by regular maintenance, which depends on the materials it is made of.

In the case of an unjustified complaint, the goods will be returned to the buyer with the relevant opinion.

The seller handles complaints about the goods immediately, but no later than within 30 days from the date of the buyer’s complaint. The warranty period is extended by the duration of the complaint. If the complaint within the statutory warranty period is settled by exchanging the goods for new ones, then the warranty period starts again from the date of settling the complaint.

The buyer will be promptly informed of the result of the complaint assessment after the decision on the justification of the complaint. The result of the complaint will be sent electronically to the buyer’s email or notified by another suitable method. The buyer is entitled to inquire about the status of the complaint by calling +421903622752 on working days from 10:00 to 18:00, or via email at

Complaints and suggestions can be submitted by the buyer either to the seller’s email address or to the address: Grebnesor Store, Street: J.Vuruma 144, Žilina, 01001, or by calling +421903622752.

Contact person: Patrik Rosenberg