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Crossbody bags are currently one of the most popular on the market. They are characterized by being very practical and stylish. Not to mention that they can be easily combined with both formal and sporty outfits. Are you thinking about getting one? In that case, use our practical tips that will simplify the entire purchasing process for you.


What is a crossbody bag?

Crossbody bags are all those equipped with a long strap that can be worn diagonally across the body. They can range from smaller models designed just for a phone and documents to larger shopper pieces that can accommodate a laptop.

The long strap is usually adjustable to fit your preferences. Additionally, they often come with two smaller handles, allowing you to carry the bag by hand.

One of the biggest advantages of crossbody bags is that when worn over the shoulder, they free up your hands, don’t get in the way, and evenly distribute the weight of the items you carry. They are ideal for work, school, and shopping.


Start by answering basic questions

Before diving into purchasing a crossbody bag, answer a few basic questions:

What do you plan to use the bag for?

It’s crucial to clarify what you need the bag for. If you plan to use it for work, you’ll likely benefit from a larger model that can hold a planner, various work documents, a laptop, and other accessories. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a bag for casual outings in the city, you can opt for a smaller design.

Expert advice

If you want your crossbody bag to be versatile enough for work, city outings, and shopping, it’s wise to choose a larger model. While you may not always fill it completely, you’ll have the assurance that the bag won’t limit you unnecessarily in the future.

What style of clothing do you prefer?

Do you love a more formal style of clothing and often wear skirts? Or do you prefer the comfort of pants? These details significantly influence the type of bag you’ll choose.

It’s generally recommended to pair formal outfits with elegant crossbody bags, ideally made of leather. For a more casual look, you can opt for less formal, such as textile pieces.


What colors dominate your wardrobe?

If you don’t want to go for the classic black crossbody bag that goes with everything, examine your wardrobe in detail to determine the predominant colors.

  • Is your wardrobe mainly composed of soft and pastel shades? In that case, don’t hesitate to choose a bag in powder pink, pale blue, or lime.
  • Does your wardrobe consist mainly of beige, brown, and nude tones? Feel free to choose a dark brown, white, or gray bag.
  • Are dark shades like emerald green, black, brick, or purple predominant? Opt for dark and metallic bags, or experiment and go for a contrasting white.
  • Do you love vibrant colors like yellow, orange, or red? You can match the bag to your clothing. Another option is to choose a black or white crossbody bag, which will slightly tone down the final outfit.

Key factors for choosing a bag

When choosing a bag, consider several basic factors, including:


The size should depend on the occasions you plan to use the bag and what you need to carry in it.

  • Crossbody bags up to 10 liters – these include all small bags available on the market. They are ideal for casual wear when you only need space for your phone, wallet, and tissues.
  • Crossbody bags from 10 to 20 liters – medium-sized bags that are versatile and suitable for work. In addition to essentials like a phone or wallet, you can also fit in a book, documents, and a bottle.
  • Crossbody bags from 20 to 40 liters – the largest type of bags, ideal for work and school. They provide plenty of space for a laptop and books. However, keep in mind that when fully loaded, they can be very heavy.



The material affects the product’s lifespan and appearance. The most beautiful crossbody bags are usually made of leather or faux leather. In addition to their attractive design, they also delight with high durability, easy cleaning, and timelessness, so you can wear them for years. The downside is that they are more expensive.

If you like leather bags but are looking for something cheaper, pieces made of synthetic leather and faux leather may be a suitable choice. These look like real leather at first glance and come in many colors. You’ll definitely find something to suit your taste. The downside of this solution is the lower level of durability.

The third option is textile bags, which have a sporty and informal look. They are easy to clean, inexpensive, and come in many colors. However, they are generally not suitable for work or formal events.

Did you know that …

… the choice of closure also affects the selection of a crossbody bag? Most models have either a zipper or a metal clasp. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. A zipper is highly secure but usually uninteresting. A clasp, on the other hand, is a stylish accessory but may not be as secure as a zipper.


According to shape, bags are divided into:

  • Square and rectangular – a popular alternative suitable mainly for slim and tall figures.
  • Triangular – ideal for shorter, fuller figures, as they visually slim down the silhouette.
  • Asymmetrical shapes – unconventional bags that attract attention. They are more of an accessory than a practical helper.


Stylish bags for every occasion

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